Lee McHatton

Lee McHatton

Sieg Taylor and I worked together in the 1980’s. We both held positions as sales representatives within the same company. I have always been and continue to be successful at helping people. When I joined the company, Sieg set ALL the standards of success.  There was no question that the leader was, Sieg Taylor!

Sieg’s combination of skills and attributes are very unique. He possesses an extraordinary talent with networking. His attitude, work ethic, determination, laser focus on success, integrity, boundless energy, compassion, creative nature, solution focused zeal for life are just a sample of a multitude of characteristics and positive psychological dynamics that have contributed to his phenomenal success in life.

I have valued our lifelong relationship we have experienced together and truly have enjoyed watching his maturation process take place from a “Wild and crazy guy” to a compassionate husband with his lovely wife, Deedrian. I was honored to be involved on their wedding day and have seen them both transform into the beautiful, supporting couple and family they are with their son and daughter.

This marriage and family success hasn’t been by chance; Sieg has worked very hard on his own personal growth areas, as he will tell you.  I have observed him intentionally pursue wisdom in his life, which I find extremely impressive since he nor and I didn’t have a Father figure in our lives to guide and direct us.  Sieg has been quite intentional about growing in his faith, educating himself through various forms of education, such as seminars, books, audio presentations and the desire to pursue mentors in his life to allow for this spiritual, mental, emotional and financial successes.

I continue to see Sieg challenge himself to become better and challenge those in his life, like me, to be better too!  The balance and financial freedom in his life has allowed Sieg to create loyalty within his family, friends and business associates. Sieg has a rare quality to seek the good in people, to facilitate positive change; he genuinely enjoys helping and seeing others succeed.  He knows how to create income, to grow and expand wealth with integrity.  His zest for life, incorporating fun, hard work and lasting relationships is truly a gift he has been given that is contagious.

Even though Sieg has attained a great amount of success he will be the first to tell you, he hasn’t settled. He’s confident, but he’s not completely comfortable! The man I know is continually moving, progressing, changing, learning, growing and improving.
Sieg attempts to understand you, motivate you, inspire you and assist you. He is a force for good that I deeply appreciate it.  Sieg is not a business partner, more importantly; he is my lifelong friend of mine.