Paul Elias

I reached out to Sieg almost 20 years ago when our tour was coming to his lake. He was very gracious to not only take me out and show me around, but he invited me into his home and stay at his Bass House on Clearlake. We have stayed in touch over the years and enjoyed time fishing and other family get togethers. Sieg’s priorities are God first, Family second and everything else third. Anyone who spends any time with Sieg can quickly pick up that he has a quick wit and is a joy to be around. He is a very up lifting person to everyone he comes in contact with.

Ron Colby

I have known Sieg Taylor for over 20 years… He is a wonderful friend, great angler, business and family man. Sieg is very professional and courteous to everyone he meets. He is a great promoter and uses all available media to promote the products he supports.
Sieg would make a great addition to anyone’s promotional teams.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Nick Barr

Sieg is a wonderful role model who puts together an infectious combination of intellect, humor and expertise to share his passion of fishing with the world. He not only talks the talk; he walks the walk. In family, business, relationships, and on the water. You can count on Sieg to make a positive difference and leave a lasting impression wherever he goes.

James Smiley

I have known Sieg for over a decade and he has always had a reputation for being successful at anything he does… including fishing, business, and family.  He’s been a role model for 1000s coming up after him and someone who you can trust.  My business interactions with him have been outstanding and he’s a guy who always takes the high road.  Sieg is an asset to anyone who has a chance to work with him.

Jason Borofka

Sieg Taylor is the kind of person everyone should be around. Not only is he an amazing angler, but he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He brings that positive energy that is so contagious everywhere he goes and is a role model to me and countless others. We are proud to have Sieg represent G Funk baits. He is hands down the best professional person to represent any company.

Eric Smith

Sieg Taylor is a very knowledgeable, professional, informative individual, and I’m glad to call him a friend. Over the years he has been a terrific supporter & promoter of my baits. Sieg is also a very down to earth fun loving guy, that is easy to talk to and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Christen Corley

Sieg reached out to YoloTek sometime ago and ordered all our products. I happened to answer the phone when he called in. His energetic voice and his enthusiasm stood out immediately. I look forward to having Sieg use our products and even meeting him in person very soon.

Dave Vella

Siegfried Taylor is a man of faith, a dedicated husband, a great father and a dear friend. He is a successful modern day entrepreneur who has a gift for looking at situations with a creative eye, resulting in finding new and different ways to solve problems and approaches to new opportunities.

Sieg and I have been friends for many years. Together we have entered into many real estate and other business ventures. Sieg has a keen eye for Real Estate, his simple approach of buy right, hold and then sell always proved to be very profitable, and always with our friendship still intact and stronger than ever!

Sieg has the positive traits and qualities that successful people have. His enthusiasm and a can do attitude are high on the list. His honesty and my being able to put my full trust in him have been huge positives for myself. Boundless energy and inquisitive, he has learned to model himself after other people’s success with great results. An ability to see opportunity and pursue it with dogged perseverance has been a huge part of his winning. Sieg is a great friend and a true role model for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Christina Grassmyer

I met Sieg and Deedrian Taylor some years ago. I have always been impressed with their lifestyle. They owned multiple businesses, were stay at home parents and had the freedom to do the things they enjoyed. Over the last few years, Sieg began to teach me his concepts of time freedom and taking control of one’s life.

As an educator for the last 16 years, I have always had the mindset to work hard and be a constant life long learner. I owe my personal growth to my friend and mentor, Sieg. He taught me to dream big and believe in myself. I learned something most important, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” With Sieg’s guidance, I am now embracing new business ventures, finding success and confidence with a “can do” attitude! I’m on my way to achieving financial independence.

George Reed

I have had the pleasure to work alongside Sieg over the years. I have seen firsthand the success Sieg has acquired and have always admired him for this. Anyone who spends time with Sieg immediately picks up on his winning attitude. He takes that attitude and applies it to all areas of his life and others. Sieg is a seasoned real estate investor and a world-class tournament bass fisherman who has won championships in Bassmaster, FLW and other large tournament circuits. Forbes featured him as one of Network Marketing’s highest income earners. This brings me to the point of why he has been so successful. Sieg loves helping people discover their passions and dreams by teaching them the power of residual income. By his teachings (if one person can achieve something great, then so can another) he has gone on and helped many get free and achieve their dreams. I’ve known him to be a highly motivated father and husband who never fails to share his belief on how God has guided his past, present, and his future. He has very little time for laziness, anyone who has the honor to be taught by Sieg, should take notes. He says there are too many people who want to win in this life, and time is short!